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The Catholic Cemeteries play a vital role in our Catholic faith. When we are baptized, we are brought to a sacred place, a Catholic church, and baptized into the mystery of Christ's death and resurrection, thus giving us the promise of eternal life.

When our loved ones die, we take them to another sacred place, a Catholic cemetery, for burial in sacred ground while they await the resurrection of the dead and the promise of eternal life. St. Mary’s Church Cemetery holds the earthly remains of our family members, relatives and friends who have shared their love, fellowship and faith with us. Many of those buried in the nearly 1,000 gravesites in St. Mary’s Cemetery helped found and build St. Mary’s Parish and the beautiful church parishioners and visitors enjoy today. Having and maintaining a dignified burial ground is an important tradition ---and it is a responsibility.

The St. Mary’s Church Cemetery Committee has developed plans to install new fence along the north, south and east sides. The south fence will be moved north to accommodate a sidewalk and angular parking. The historic west entry gate will not be relocated. To make the cemetery more accessible, four walk-thru gates will be installed in the south fence. There will also be a double entry gate and walk-thru gate to the east of the concession building to align with a new main drive across the cemetery. There will also be a double entry gate on the north side. The fence and gates will be powder-coated, commercial-grade aluminum; individual fence panels will be removable. The Directory Board will also be upgraded. Work will begin about March 1, 2020 as weather conditions permit.

Having served for four years, Arlyn Holthaus and Richard Sudbeck have retired from the Committee. Father Regie has appointed Wayne Schmitz and Jerry Osterhaus to the Committee. Other members are Mike Scott, Jerry Uphaus, Chris Engelken and Elmer Ronnebaum.

While the Cemetery Fund has some resources, funding for ongoing maintenance needs to also be ensured. Parishioners and others are invited to donate to the cemetery project. The fencing cost and installation of posts is $44,178.35. The price was reduced because parishioners will install the panels. The cost of the sidewalk is approximately $12,000. Anyone wishing to donate may use the form below and provide to Church Secretary Mary Beth Haverkamp or a member of the Committee. Or complete the form below, place in an envelope and place it in a Sunday collection or mail to St. Mary’s Church, 9018 Main, St. Benedict, Kansas 66538. Payments should be made to St. Mary’s Church Cemetery.


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