Parish Appreciation Day  Mark calendars for Parish Appreciation Day

St. Mary's Parish Appreciation Day
Even though the parish picnic was cancelled due to Covid-19, there has been tremendous financial support through donations to compensate for the loss of picnic revenue.  To date, the parish has received $30,330 from 116 donors from our parish.

To show appreciation to parish members and also to use this opportunity to gather as a parish family, the Parish Council and Altar Society have decided to have a Parish Appreciation day on Sunday , October 11.

Please mark your calendar and join others for a pulled pork sandwich mean serving from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Parish Hall with outdoor seating available. Meals to go will be available upon request. A free will donation will be available if you so choose.  A small auction and raffle will take place.  This event is reserved for St. Mary's Parish families ONLY. 

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